Positionings is a publication of active research. Situated in Laois, the work honours what is present and questions the future of the local, labour and its value through use and production. The three strands speak to each other through ideas of farming ingenuity.

Section 1 - The (Passive) Observer: Sets the context for the experience of the book. It ask us of the existing state of the farm through the lens of the artist.

Section 2 - The (Interactive) Honouring: hints at broader questions of use and production which slowly introduces us to honouring objects. It reflects on farming objects dictated through the production of a ‘one man farm.’ I draw attention to the functionality of farming ingenuity and its materiality speaking to the current economy of farming.

Section 3 - The (Active) Implication: presents the process of A Structure, a collaboration with my father and brother. We re-purposed a marginal space on the farm to an active space for events and talks. A space for action and agency that will organically take on use and functionality beyond this book. 

Positionings, Cover. (2021)

Positionings, page 1. (2021)

Positionings, page 20 & 21. (2021)

Positionings, page 72 & 73. (2021)

Positionings, Installation View. (2021)


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